Surma White Papers

Surma in a Nutshell
SURMA Technical Description Software for Comprehensive Navy Combat Survivability Analysis
Survivability Manager Application SURMA is a software tool for comprehensive combat survivability assessment. The goal is to enhance the combat survivability features from the very beginning of the design process. The first SURMA release is intended for the design of naval vessels, taking account the effects of UNDEX and AIREX either inside or outside the vessel.

Surma ASDOF Comparison
Beyond Biggs – Review, Implementation and Comparison of Modern SDOF Analysis
The purpose of this paper is to present a simplified approach to model structural response to air blast using methods that can be easily implemented and automated to computer software. We have implemented these methods to SURMA (Survivability Manager Application) resulting in robust and efficient blast response analysis which requires minimal user effort. Performing a FE analysis of a blast scenario requires extensive knowledge from the engineer and it takes a considerable amount of time to even set up the model for the analysis. Therefore, it is not feasible to perform several detailed FE analyses for different ship compartments. The herein presented SDOF blast analysis method can be used to quickly calculate countless of different blast scenarios without the need to create complicated models.