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Minor stability degradation. Probability assigned to this case: 1.27 %


Warhead: EXOCET
Explosive mass:43.0 kg
Casing mass:119.0 kg

Detonation location

Compartment: RFO1S
Coordinates:X = 18.98 m, Y = -4.92 m, Z = 3.93 m

Operational readiness

Operational Readiness Level after hit: ORL3
Floating position indicative level:F2
Floating position description:Minor stability degradation
Heel:-3.63 °
System level:S3
Critical systems remaining:74.2 %
Non-critical systems remaining:
Systems remaining (critical or not):74.2 %
Equipment remaining:89.3 %
Compartment damage level:C2
The share of compartment volume not damaged:88.0 %
Compartments remaining:94.9 %

Structural Damage

Fragment Damage

Pressure Damage

Pressure damaged compartments:5
Fragmentation damaged compartments:5
Flooded compartments:4
Total damaged compartments:5

List of damaged compartments

IDDescriptionDamage type
RFO1S Pressure, fragmentation, flooding
R3DK2 Pressure, fragmentation, flooding
RBAL1S Ballast tank 1 sPressure, fragmentation, flooding
RERAFT engine room aftPressure, fragmentation, flooding
RGALL galleyPressure, fragmentation

Equipment Damage

List of lost equipment

IDEquipment tableDescriptionCause
MAIN ENGINE 1 MACHINERYGas turbine, water jetflooding
MAIN ENGINE 2 MACHINERYGas turbine, water propulsionflooding
Water propulsion gear MACHINERYflooding, pressure

Damage to Routes

IDLost, cause
BRI-Waterjet controlkilled:frag/
Prop swb-Pod1killed:frag/

Damage to Systems

NameIDParent systemRedundancy groupsCritical?Lost, causeRepairable, cause
BRI-Pod1 BRI-Pod1 Pod1 Yesfragments
BRI-Waterjet BRI-Waterjet Water jet Yesfragments
Pod1 Pod1 EL propulsion EL propulsion Pods RG Yesfragments
Eng1 Eng1Yesflooding
Eng2 Eng2Yesflooding
Main engine 1 Main engine 1 Water jet Water jet Engine RG Yesflooding
Main engine 2 Main engine 2 Water jet Water jet Engine RG Yesflooding
Water jet Water jet Propulsion Propulsion RG Yesflooding, fragments, pressure

Floating Position

Minor stability degradation.

InitialAfter hit
Draught:4.00 m4.54 m
Trim:0.00 m-2.27 m
Heel:0.00 °-3.63 °
GM:4.72 m4.81 m

Floating position after hit:

GZ Curve

GZ curve after hit:

Longitudinal Strength Curves

Longitudinal strength curves after hit:

No longitudinal strength curve available for this case.

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