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Compartment RFO3P


Description:fuel tank3
Volume:69.4 m³

Location of the compartment in the vessel and the EBPs surrounding the compartment:


The following EBPs are located in this compartment:

NameAdjacent compartmentOrientationAreaPlate thicknessPlate materialPlate massStiffener materialMass from stiffenersTotal EBP massCoG XCoG YCoG ZBallistic protection IDBallistic protection thickness
EBP.RACC1.7 RACC1 Z31.67 m²6.0 mmA1,491.79 kgA3,302.80 kg4,794.59 kg72.56 m1.79 m3.20 mMST6.0 mm
EBP.RAUX2.3 RAUX2 X5.18 m²8.0 mmA325.22 kgA126.79 kg452.01 kg68.40 m2.55 m2.10 mMST8.0 mm
EBP.RBALLAST6.3 RBALLAST6 X1.56 m²8.0 mmA97.90 kgA42.79 kg140.70 kg68.40 m0.71 m0.68 mMST8.0 mm
EBP.RFO3P.1 RGYRO X3.00 m²8.0 mmA188.40 kgA81.01 kg269.41 kg68.40 m0.75 m2.20 mMST8.0 mm
EBP.RFO3P.4 RTHRUSTER X5.65 m²8.0 mmA355.10 kgA141.19 kg496.29 kg77.40 m1.03 m1.96 mMST8.0 mm
EBP.RFO3P.5 RFO3S Y28.80 m²6.0 mmA1,356.39 kgA492.32 kg1,848.71 kg72.90 m0.00 m1.60 mMST6.0 mm
EBP.RFO3P.6 OUTSIDE Z45.21 m²8.0 mmA2,839.27 kgA5,529.75 kg8,369.02 kg72.70 m2.06 m1.28 mMST8.0 mm

More information about Materials and Structures.


The following equipment is located in this compartment:

IDEquipment tableDescription
DO tank 3 Diesel oil


The probability that detonation takes place in this compartment is 1.01 %.

Detonation takes place in this compartment in the following cases:

87 155MMSHELL-RFO3P 1.01 % 155MMSHELL


The probability that this compartment gets damaged is 6.06 %.

It's damaged in the following cases:

25 155MMSHELL-RACC1 1.01 %Fragmentation 155MMSHELL
76 155MMSHE-RBALLAST-2 1.01 %Fragmentation 155MMSHELL
87 155MMSHELL-RFO3P 1.01 %Pressure, fragmentation 155MMSHELL
88 155MMSHELL-RFO3S 1.01 %Pressure, fragmentation 155MMSHELL
93 155MMSHELL-RGYRO 1.01 %Pressure, fragmentation 155MMSHELL
97 155MMSHE-RTHRUSTE 1.01 %Pressure, fragmentation 155MMSHELL

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