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Compartment HGST2


Volume:181.8 m³

Location of the compartment in the vessel and the EBPs surrounding the compartment:


The following EBPs are located in this compartment:

NameAdjacent compartmentOrientationAreaPlate thicknessPlate materialPlate massStiffener materialMass from stiffenersTotal EBP massCoG XCoG YCoG ZBallistic protection IDBallistic protection thickness
EBP.REQ4.1 REQ4 X2.70 m²5.0 mmA105.97 kgA37.30 kg143.28 kg48.60 m-4.00 m9.95 mMST5.0 mm
EBP.RERAFT.17 RERAFT X5.40 m²5.0 mmA211.95 kgA74.61 kg286.56 kg30.60 m-4.50 m9.95 mMST5.0 mm
EBP.RERFORE.3 RERFORE X7.40 m²5.0 mmA290.30 kgA111.91 kg402.21 kg48.60 m-5.87 m9.90 mMST5.0 mm
EBP.RHANGAR.10 RHANGAR Y48.60 m²5.0 mmA1,907.55 kgA602.36 kg2,509.91 kg39.60 m-3.50 m9.95 mMST5.0 mm
EBP.RMSW1.6 RMSW1 Z28.57 m²5.0 mmA1,121.57 kgA1,157.88 kg2,279.44 kg37.80 m-5.48 m8.60 mMST5.0 mm
EBP.ROFF1.8 ROFF1 Z14.29 m²5.0 mmA560.73 kgA557.74 kg1,118.47 kg32.40 m-5.48 m8.60 mMST5.0 mm
EBP.RSTO3.7 RSTO3 Z28.58 m²5.0 mmA1,121.70 kgA1,157.93 kg2,279.63 kg45.00 m-5.48 m8.60 mMST5.0 mm
EBP.HGST2.1 RERAFT X10.10 m²5.0 mmA396.38 kgA149.21 kg545.60 kg30.60 m-5.37 m9.92 mMST5.0 mm
EBP.HGST2.10 HGST4 Z62.19 m²5.0 mmA2,441.04 kgA2,607.06 kg5,048.10 kg39.60 m-5.23 m11.30 mMST5.0 mm
EBP.HGST2.6 OUTSIDE Y49.66 m²5.0 mmA1,949.29 kgA1,238.89 kg3,188.18 kg39.60 m-7.24 m9.95 mMST5.0 mm

More information about Materials and Structures.


This compartment does not contain any equipment.


The probability that detonation takes place in this compartment is 1.01 %.

Detonation takes place in this compartment in the following cases:

23 155MMSHELL-HGST2 1.01 % 155MMSHELL


The probability that this compartment gets damaged is 6.06 %.

It's damaged in the following cases:

3 155MMSHEL-RHANGAR 1.01 %Fragmentation 155MMSHELL
10 155MMSHELL-HGST4 1.01 %Pressure, fragmentation 155MMSHELL
23 155MMSHELL-HGST2 1.01 %Pressure, fragmentation 155MMSHELL
51 155MMSHELL-RSTO3 1.01 %Pressure, fragmentation 155MMSHELL
53 155MMSHELL-RMSW1 1.01 %Pressure, fragmentation 155MMSHELL
55 155MMSHELL-REQ4 1.01 %Fragmentation 155MMSHELL

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