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Compartment R.TD03C


Volume:12.0 m³

Location of the compartment in the vessel and the EBPs surrounding the compartment:


The following EBPs are located in this compartment:

NameAdjacent compartmentOrientationAreaPlate thicknessPlate materialPlate massStiffener materialMass from stiffenersTotal EBP massCoG XCoG YCoG ZBallistic protection IDBallistic protection thickness
SURMA.EBP.R.DB08C.12 R.DB08C Z4.78 m²5.0 mmA187.52 kgA161.72 kg349.23 kg16.50 m0.10 m2.07 mMST4.0 mm
SURMA.EBP.R.TD03P.12 R.TD03P X1.61 m²5.0 mmA63.25 kgA23.19 kg86.45 kg15.00 m0.65 m3.31 mMST4.0 mm
SURMA.EBP.R.TD03P.13 R.TD03P Y6.00 m²5.0 mmA235.63 kgA86.13 kg321.76 kg16.20 m0.98 m3.32 mMST4.0 mm
SURMA.EBP.R.TD03S.13 R.TD03S X2.42 m²5.0 mmA95.06 kgA22.05 kg117.10 kg15.00 m-0.16 m3.32 mMST4.0 mm
SURMA.EBP.R.TD03S.14 R.TD03S Y6.02 m²5.0 mmA236.16 kgA86.33 kg322.49 kg16.20 m-0.65 m3.33 mMST4.0 mm
SURMA.EBP.R.TD03C.3 R.TD04P X1.65 m²5.0 mmA64.71 kgA23.74 kg88.45 kg17.40 m0.65 m3.34 mMST4.0 mm
SURMA.EBP.R.TD03C.4 R.TD10C Y2.29 m²5.0 mmA90.07 kgA27.85 kg117.92 kg17.85 m-0.65 m3.35 mMST4.0 mm
SURMA.EBP.R.TD03C.11 R.TD04P Y2.30 m²5.0 mmA90.21 kgA27.89 kg118.10 kg17.85 m0.32 m3.35 mMST4.0 mm
SURMA.EBP.R.TD03C.10 R.TD04S X2.50 m²5.0 mmA98.22 kgA22.83 kg121.06 kg18.30 m-0.16 m3.36 mMST4.0 mm
SURMA.EBP.R.TD03C.8 R.DM01C Z2.15 m²5.0 mmA84.22 kgA55.11 kg139.33 kg16.65 m-0.32 m4.60 mMST4.0 mm
SURMA.EBP.R.TD03C.9 R.DM01C Z2.63 m²5.0 mmA103.36 kgA69.51 kg172.87 kg16.38 m0.45 m4.59 mMST4.0 mm

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This compartment does not contain any equipment.


Detonation does not take place in this compartment in any of the cases.


This compartment is not damaged in any of the cases.

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