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Equipment A-STOMG


Equipment table:EQP*A-STO
Type: A-STO
Description:Main guns ammunition storage
Compartment: R.TD07S
Center of gravity:X = 29.70 m, Y = -1.22 m, Z = 3.96 m
X length:1.00 m
Y length:1.00 m
Z length:1.00 m
Volume:0.0 m³
Mass:0.001 t
Parent systems: MG
Redundancy groups:

Location in the vessel:


The probability that this piece of equipment gets damaged is 13.00 %.

It's damaged in the following cases:

#NameProbabilityCauseSeverityWarheadDetonation compartment
4 EXOCET-RDB11P 1.72 %pressurelost EXOCET R.DB11P
5 EXOCET-RDB11S 1.72 %pressurelost EXOCET R.DB11S
16 EXOCET-RTD06P 1.25 %pressurelost EXOCET R.TD06P
17 EXOCET-RTD06S 1.25 %pressurelost EXOCET R.TD06S
19 EXOCET-RTD07S 3.02 %fragments, pressurelost EXOCET R.TD07S
20 EXOCET-RTD08C 4.03 %pressurelost EXOCET R.TD08C

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