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Compartment R.TD07S


Description:Ammunition Storage
Volume:43.5 m³

Location of the compartment in the vessel and the EBPs surrounding the compartment:


The following EBPs are located in this compartment:

NameAdjacent compartmentOrientationAreaPlate thicknessPlate materialPlate massStiffener materialMass from stiffenersTotal EBP massCoG XCoG YCoG ZBallistic protection IDBallistic protection thickness
EBP.R.DB11P.6 R.DB11P Z5.46 m²5.0 mmA214.30 kgA170.42 kg384.72 kg29.70 m0.65 m2.65 mMST5.0 mm
EBP.R.DB11S.6 R.DB11S Z9.51 m²5.0 mmA373.15 kgA290.07 kg663.22 kg29.55 m-1.15 m2.65 mMST5.0 mm
EBP.R.TD06P.2 R.TD06P X3.05 m²7.0 mmA167.40 kgA89.88 kg257.28 kg27.60 m0.65 m3.82 mMST7.0 mm
EBP.R.TD06S.2 R.TD06S X7.62 m²7.0 mmA418.78 kgA206.14 kg624.92 kg27.60 m-1.65 m3.86 mMST7.0 mm
EBP.R.TD07P.3 R.TD07P Y10.14 m²5.0 mmA397.87 kgA454.26 kg852.13 kg29.72 m1.30 m3.86 mMST5.0 mm
EBP.R.TD07S.11 R.DM01C Z1.55 m²5.0 mmA60.90 kgA34.36 kg95.26 kg28.20 m0.65 m5.02 mMST5.0 mm
EBP.R.TD07S.9 R.DM01C Z1.55 m²5.0 mmA60.90 kgA34.36 kg95.26 kg28.20 m-0.65 m5.02 mMST5.0 mm
EBP.R.TD07S.3 R.TD08C X9.87 m²7.0 mmA542.28 kgA248.15 kg790.43 kg31.80 m-0.70 m3.98 mMST7.0 mm
EBP.R.TD07S.10 OUTSIDE Z3.91 m²5.0 mmA153.60 kgA110.10 kg263.70 kg30.30 m0.65 m5.10 mMST5.0 mm
EBP.R.TD07S.8 R.DM10S Z1.92 m²5.0 mmA75.39 kgA60.11 kg135.50 kg28.10 m-2.17 m4.97 mMST5.0 mm
EBP.R.TD07S.7 OUTSIDE Z11.57 m²5.0 mmA454.04 kgA453.78 kg907.82 kg30.12 m-1.88 m5.05 mMST5.0 mm
EBP.R.TD07S.12 OUTSIDE Y11.33 m²6.3 mmA560.27 kgA427.92 kg988.18 kg29.76 m-2.96 m3.77 mMST6.3 mm

More information about Materials and Structures.


The following equipment is located in this compartment:

IDEquipment tableDescription
A-STOMG EQP*A-STOMain guns ammunition storage


The probability that detonation takes place in this compartment is 3.02 %.

Detonation takes place in this compartment in the following cases:



The probability that this compartment gets damaged is 15.72 %.

It's damaged in the following cases:

4 EXOCET-RDB11P 1.72 %Pressure, fragmentation, flooding EXOCET
5 EXOCET-RDB11S 1.72 %Pressure, fragmentation, flooding EXOCET
16 EXOCET-RTD06P 1.25 %Pressure, fragmentation, flooding EXOCET
17 EXOCET-RTD06S 1.25 %Pressure, fragmentation, flooding EXOCET
18 EXOCET-RTD07P 2.14 %Pressure, fragmentation EXOCET
19 EXOCET-RTD07S 3.02 %Pressure, fragmentation EXOCET
20 EXOCET-RTD08C 4.03 %Pressure, fragmentation EXOCET
36 EXOCET-RDM10S 0.58 %Pressure, fragmentation EXOCET

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