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No stability issues. Probability assigned to this case: 1.39 %


Warhead: 127MMSHELL
Explosive mass:3.6 kg
Casing mass:20.0 kg

Detonation location

Compartment: R.DB01C
Coordinates:X = 0.92 m, Y = 0.00 m, Z = 2.16 m

Operational readiness

Operational Readiness Level after hit: ORL1
Floating position indicative level:F1
Floating position description:No stability issues
Heel:0.00 °
System level:S1
Critical systems remaining:91.7 %
Non-critical systems remaining:
Systems remaining (critical or not):91.7 %
Equipment remaining:92.5 %
Compartment damage level:C1
The share of compartment volume not damaged:97.3 %
Compartments remaining:95.1 %

Structural Damage

Fragment Damage

Pressure Damage

Pressure damaged compartments:2
Fragmentation damaged compartments:3
Flooded compartments:0
Total damaged compartments:3

List of damaged compartments

IDDescriptionDamage type
R.DB01C VoidPressure, fragmentation
R.TD01C Aft StorePressure, fragmentation
R.DB02C VoidFragmentation

Equipment Damage

List of lost equipment

IDEquipment tableDescriptionCause
RUM1 EQP*STEERINGRudder machinepressure
RUST1 EQP*STEERINGRudder stockpressure
RUM2 EQP*STEERINGRudder machinepressure
RUST2 EQP*STEERINGRudder stockpressure

Damage to Routes

IDLost, cause
Streering1 backupkilled:frag/
Streering2 backupkilled:frag/

Damage to Systems

NameIDParent systemRedundancy groupsCritical?Lost, causeRepairable, cause
Str1 Str1 STEERING STEERING Str Yespressure
Str2 Str2 STEERING STEERING Str Yespressure

Floating Position

No stability issues.

InitialAfter hit
Draught:2.29 m2.29 m
Trim:0.27 m0.29 m
Heel:0.00 °0.00 °
GM:1.00 m1.00 m

Floating position after hit:

GZ Curve

GZ curve after hit:

Longitudinal Strength Curves

Longitudinal strength curves after hit:

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