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Case 127MMSHELL-RD103P


No stability issues. Probability assigned to this case: 2.63 %


Warhead: 127MMSHELL
Explosive mass:3.6 kg
Casing mass:20.0 kg

Detonation location

Compartment: R.D103P
Coordinates:X = 15.79 m, Y = 2.19 m, Z = 8.34 m

Operational readiness

Operational Readiness Level after hit: ORL4
Floating position indicative level:F1
Floating position description:No stability issues
Heel:0.00 °
System level:S3
Critical systems remaining:77.8 %
Non-critical systems remaining:
Systems remaining (critical or not):77.8 %
Equipment remaining:84.9 %
Compartment damage level:C4
The share of compartment volume not damaged:63.7 %
Compartments remaining:67.2 %

Structural Damage

Fragment Damage

Pressure Damage

Pressure damaged compartments:7
Fragmentation damaged compartments:20
Flooded compartments:0
Total damaged compartments:20

List of damaged compartments

IDDescriptionDamage type
R.D103P CabinPressure, fragmentation
R.DM04P StoragePressure, fragmentation
R.DM05P MessPressure, fragmentation
R.D102P StoragePressure, fragmentation
R.D105P MachineryPressure, fragmentation
R.D104P StoragePressure, fragmentation
R.D101C CorridorPressure, fragmentation
R.D107P RadioFragmentation
R.D106C BridgeFragmentation
R.D103S CabinFragmentation
R.TD03P CabinFragmentation
R.DM02P StorageFragmentation
R.DM01C CorridorFragmentation
R.D106P MachineryFragmentation
R.D102S Ammunition StorageFragmentation
R.D104S CabinFragmentation
R.MAST MastFragmentation
R.D105S MachineryFragmentation
R.TD04P CabinFragmentation
R.DM03P StorageFragmentation

Equipment Damage

List of lost equipment

IDEquipment tableDescriptionCause
AAG1 EQP*AAGAnti air gunfragments
AAG1-1 EQP*AAGAa gun barrelfragments
RAD EQP*CONRadiofragments
RAD1 EQP*RADRadarfragments

List of damaged but repairable equipment

IDEquipment tableDescriptionCause
COM2 EQP*COMCommunication antennafragments
COM21 EQP*COMCommunication antennafragments
COM22 EQP*COMCommunication antennafragments
A-STOAAG EQP*A-STOAmmo for antiairgunsfragments

Damage to Routes

IDLost, cause
CIC EL 2killed:frag/
RAD RM EL supplykilled:frag/
Trans2 _2killed:frag/
Streering2 backupkilled:frag/

Damage to Systems

NameIDParent systemRedundancy groupsCritical?Lost, causeRepairable, cause
AAG1 AAG1Yesfragments
AAG1 BRI control AAG1 BRI control AAG1 AAG1 Control RG Yesfragments
AAG1 CIC control AAG1 CIC control AAG1 AAG1 Control RG Yesfragments
AAG2 AAG2Yesfragments
AAG2 BRI control AAG2 BRI control AAG2 AAG2 Control RG Yesfragments
AAG2 CIC control AAG2 CIC control AAG2 AAG2 Control RG Yesfragments
COM COMYesfragmentsfragments
RAD RAD COM Yesfragments

Floating Position

No stability issues.

InitialAfter hit
Draught:2.29 m2.29 m
Trim:0.27 m0.29 m
Heel:0.00 °0.00 °
GM:1.00 m1.00 m

Floating position after hit:

GZ Curve

GZ curve after hit:

Longitudinal Strength Curves

Longitudinal strength curves after hit:

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