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The Solutions for Comprehensive Navy Combat Survivability

Our profound knowledge and long experience with navy research and development projects enables us to provide rapid, accurate and well validated solutions for all areas of navy combat survivability. We assist our customers with simulations and our calculation can be added to provide more accurate information to training simulators and onboard battle damage control systems.

"We are Your Partner in Navy Combat Survivability."

[ Consultancy ]

Survivability Management

Surma service packages provide the designer or naval customer quick and cost-efficient way to check the design against the naval survivability requirements as well as ways to improve the design for better performance in the naval missions.


[ Systems ]

Degaussing System

Surma SDGS offers efficient and user-friendly Degaussing solution including software, COTS hardware and supervision of installation on-site. Bundle with Surma MG and you have a one-stop-solution for managing your magnetic environment!


[ Software ]

+ Analysis Tools

SURMA offers a comprehensive set of state-of-the-art software tools to fit your needs and your circumstances! From the most practical and cost-efficient AIREX analysis to the most intuitive and useful REPORTing tools, SURMA provides the tools for your needs!


[ Education ]

Surma Education

Surma offers courses and trainings in the field of navy design and survivability. We are currently working on our course offering, but please contact us to discuss and assess your training needs!

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