SURMA Software

The Comprehensive Combat Survivability Management Framework

SURMA Core is the foundation and framework for all the Surma Software Analysis Modules. It provides state-of-the-art 3D environment to work on your assessments. Streamlined and informative graphics combined with intuitive tables for data input give you the tools to optimize your design's survivability in any threat scenario.

SURMA Model and Parameters

The minimum requirement for any SURMA assessment is the geometry of the ship. SURMA supports most common ship product models, e.g. NAPA and IGES formats.

Equipment, warhead, structural and ballistic protection parameters are easily imported using .csv files or created using built-in tools and libraries. SURMA can also utilize NAPA Steel Model for structure definitions.

Use the design model of the ship - No unnecessary modelling!
Use the built-in parameter libraries or input your own data sets to define any scenario
Seamless integration with all SURMA Software Products
Not based on out-dated statistics - We use real physics

SURMA approach to physics

SURMA Analysis Tools use well-validated and practically streamlined physical models to make the assessments fast and accurate.
This makes it possible to integrate the survivability analysis into the iterative design process and allows designers to constantly improve and validate the design without added costs induced by late design changes.

According to your needs

SURMA is built onto the idea that you can have and use only the tools you need, but it also provides the possibility to use external tools via built-in interfaces.

All SURMA Analysis Modules and Interfaces are used and managed through the SURMA Core, which is prerequisite for all SURMA Software Products.