Survivability Management

The most flexible solution for your survivability needs

Surma service packages provide the designer or naval customer quick, effortless cost-efficient way to check the design against the naval survivability requirements as well as ways to improve the design for better performance in the naval missions.

The SURMA approach gives the designer the confidence of a naval threat resilient design already from the concept design phase, and with our expertise the proper level of ' survivability can be maintained through the whole design and building process.

Survivability Management Services




Vulnerability Management
Airborne Explosion Analysis
Underwater Shock Impact Analysis
Ballistic Protection Design
Design Reviews for Survivability
Fire and Smoke Simulations with Fire Suppression

Analysis Services
Signature Management
RCS Analysis
IR Analysis
Design Reviews for Susceptibility
Magnetic Signature Analysis

Analyses made with SURMA software and with other expert tools used by our subject matter experts provide the designer and end user standardized reports with level of daetails and fidelity adjusted to the needs of each stakeholder in a ship project. Our reporting tools allow the designer to dig in the detailed numbers of a specific threat case, as well as provide the top level management and decision-makers a good overview of the key performance indicators of the ship survivability.

Our team of engineers consists of top level experts in signatures, susceptibility and vulnerability, with a long experience in naval ship and combat systems projects.