Surma Degaussing System

Turnkey Degaussing Solution for Modern Submarines and Surface Combatants

In modern naval mine warfare, the magnetic signature is one of the main triggers of the mine. The mine detects the increase in magnetic field when the steel in a ship concentrates the Earth's magnetic field over it. Surma Degaussing System (SDGS) is designed to minimize the ship’s magnetic signature allowing operations under threat from mines.

Surma has strong expertize in degaussing and Signature Management in general. The SDGS is scalable redundant system with modern multiparameter control. The system is based on COTS components and is therefore cost effective and easy to maintain. The system offers reliable minimization of the ship’s magnetic signature in all navigation conditions.

"Together with the SURMA MG Analysis Module, the SDGS provides holistic solution for assessing and managing the magnetic signature."

We are willing to help you by providing

  • Turnkey system deliveries
  • Legacy system upgrades
  • Degaussing coil design
  • Coil design verification
  • Training services