SURMA Analysis Modules


The Intuitive and Interactive Framework

Perhaps the most challenging part of any analysis and assessment is the presentation of results in intuitive, transparent and unambiguous way. SURMA Report provides the designer with valuable information that can be used to improve the design throughout the process from the early sketches to lifetime upgrades.

Interlinked Content

SURMA Report utilizes HTML format to overcome the challenges of the traditional ways of reporting, incorporating clear, inter-linked and meaningful insights with high amount of modern interactive illustrations that are designed to pinpoint the problem areas in a transparent way.

"This makes it possible to integrate the survivability analysis into the iterative design process easily and cost-efficiently!"

Clear Structure

The core element of the report is the summary table that presents all the cases belonging to the analyzed scenario and the corresponding operational readiness level.


Finding the weak spots

In order to enhance the design based on the conducted survivability assessment, SURMA relies heavily on graphical representations and sortable tables and lists regarding the assessment results. The hyperlinks connect the different entities to each other, e.g. a compartment is connected to all of the equipment components it contains. This makes it easy to navigate the results and track the details within the SURMA model.

A clear understanding of the big picture is crucial, if the aim is to find improvable issues in the overall design. With this kind of interactive and informative graphics the user is quickly able to get an overview of the assessed scenario.

Leaving the paper – 3D

The biggest differentiator between SURMA Report and a traditional report is probably the third dimension. The use of HTML format enables the integration of conventional static report and interactive 3D-graphics without requiring any additional software.

The use of interactive 3D allows the designer to even walk through the ship and see why, for example, a particular structural design solution might lead to unexpected damage when subject to air blast. This approach also enables incorporation of 3D animation showing how damage propagates, if deemed appropriate.

Multi-disciplinary interaction between results

Clear graphical representations

Unambigious inter-linked results data

Seamless integration with all SURMA Software Products