SURMA Analysis Modules


The Magnetic Signature Analysis Module

The ship’s ferromagnetic materials and parts cause an anomaly to the earth magnetic field surrounding the ship. This anomaly is called the magnetic signature of the ship. The signature can be detected with magnetometers in a sea mine and a mine can be triggered to detonate when a ship passes by.

Surma Magnetic modelling offers capability for very fast static magnetic signature assessments. Results already at early design stages.

"Together with the Surma Degaussing System, the SURMA MG provides holistic solution for assessing and managing the magnetic signature."

Ship's magnetic signature is mainly caused by the ferromagnetic material in ship's hull and in ship's systems end equipment on board. The modelling is based on dipole model, where the ships structures and components are transformed into magnetic dipoles. This is done automatically from the ship's 3D Product model. The signatures are obtained in any magnetic environment by direct calculus. This makes the method extremely fast while giving accuracy well enough for practical purposes.

The modelling is easily integrated in the ship design process. The first assessments can be done quickly with low level of detail and using default data. As the model is automatically generated from the product model, the more detailed assessments can be made whenever the design evolves without extra modelling work.

Results already at early design stages
Fast and reliable
Integrates well in the design process
Degaussing coil design