Crew Insights

Eero Järvenpää
Naval Architect
Marketing Director

1. Describe yourself with a haiku.

Dark mind, light-hearted
always more to learn, do, see
such life, music best

2. What do you do in Surma and what is the best thing about it?

I’m a Naval Architect and Marketing Director, so I act as a technical consultant supporting our customers in any naval ship-related matter. I also work on Surma’s marketing – doing most of the stuff our customers and stakeholders see on our website, brochures and in expositions.

The best thing about working at Surma is definitely the people. The variety of projects and tasks I can work on keeps me always learning something new, which is something I really enjoy, also. I would hate to do repetitive tasks every day for years...

3. What is the best metal… a) band, b) alloy, and do they have something in common?

I do my best to limit the use of superlatives as most of the time it’s a matter of perspective… with that in mind:

a) I have to say Insomnium, as it has been a huge part of the soundtrack of my life for ten years or something. \m/

b) hmmm… Bronze, as it is the most musical of all alloys and music is the best thing in the world.

Neither bronze nor Insomnium are the hardest or heaviest of their respective categories but pretty much the perfect mixture – creating an actually effective and highly usable and musical type of metal.

4. If you could have a gigantic billboard anywhere with anything on it — metaphorically speaking, getting a message out to millions or billions — what would it say and why?

My message is too long for a standard drive-by billboard but could work as a series of three, or at the city square where people have time to read a complete sentences… possibly.

“Be boldly a beginner at things, as that is the first step towards greatness.”

“You do you. Carve your own path and never stop learning.”

“Take a good care of yourself and those around you, as we are in this together no matter what.”

The first one is because people have this distorted view of other people being inherently “good” or “talented” at things, as they only see the highlight-reel of others and not the long and frustrating process of learning.

The second one is because people are way too worried about what other people may think about them and don’t live up to their own standards as they are afraid of being different. Also, you are never “ready” or “grown-up” as you are constantly changing, anyway.

Third one is because I see way too much people being unwell because they do not take care of themselves. On the other hand I see too much people fighting with each other over things that ultimately don’t matter. Many times the things are the two sides of the same coin which is just sad.

5. What is the most impressive thing you have seen on waters?

A perfectly still and clear summer morning in the Finnish Archipelago at sunrise.

DISCLAIMER: The interview questions are inspired and some even borrowed from Tim Ferriss' Tribe of Mentors. Thank you, Tim, for asking good questions!