SURMA – Survivability Manager Application

SURMA is a novel ship design oriented survivability management software application, enhancing the survivability related features from the very beginning of the design process. It provides many benefits compared to traditional methods. SURMA is well validated, fast and accurate. Moreover, SURMA is the only solution that really gives beneficial feed back to navy ship design process. This leads to improved mission capability of future combatants.

SURMA Validation Process
SURMA calculations are well validated against full scale live fire tests.

SURMA uses the real 3D geometry which automatically follows the changes as the design improves, hence there's no need for additional geometry model or imports from other systems. All the aspects related to the ship's survivability can be assessed, such as damage stability, longitudinal strength and functionality of the ship's systems.

SURMA provides comprehensive mission capability analysis of any vessel in any given threat scenario.