The Air Explosion Analysis Module

SURMA AIREX is very fast and automized physics-based vulnerability assessment tool for SURMA. It takes into account the damage from:

  • fragments,
  • air blast, and
  • flooding.
  • Structural response and system failures are analyzed. For systems, redundancies in the system tree and route failures are included in the analysis.

    "This makes it possible to integrate the survivability analysis into the iterative design process easily and cost-efficiently!"

    Anaysis Specifics

    Fragment propagation analysis accounts for perforation through several plates, oblique incidence angles and possible obstacles, e.g. large machinery.

    Air blast effects are calculated accurately, taking into account the blast wave and its reflections, quasi-static pressure and its venting into adjacent compartments.

    Structural Response

    Structural response to blast is analyzed using an advanced time-domain-based single-degree-of-freedom (SDOF) model, which includes bending and membrane responses, and variation of strain-rate through the beam cross-section.

    Analysis of a single explosion takes only a few seconds, allowing the designer to perform quick threat scenario assessments for hundreds, or thousands of explosions, in less than an hour.

    Quick vulnerability assessment, combined with convenient results overview and flexible user interface, allows the designer to quickly improve and optimize the ship design. It is very easy to change materials and structural dimensions, add ballistic protection, relocate equipment components, add redundant equipment components, and modify cable and pipe routes.