Surma in 2018

In early 2017 Surma celebrated the tenth year of its survival. Surma has found its place on global navy market and is one of the leading organizations providing solutions for navy combat survivability management.

Surma has developed the most advanced comprehensive combat survivability analysis software that can assist users to save a lot of effort in their analysis work, but more over, with our approach the navy vessel designs can be improved – the safety level can be increased and the mission performance can be enhanced.

We are a steadily growing organization. Our staff is high valued subject matter experts in different phenomena related to naval susceptibility and vulnerability. In addition to our own staff we have a wide network allowing us to handle even large and very demanding projects. Surma is going global. We have been working with international customers from very early stages of company history, and are expecting to grow the number of customers and operative countries also in 2018.

If you want to be on the edge of modern navy design and research, you want to work with us. We are the number one choice for navy combat survivability management. Contact us and let's talk how we can help you to improve the combat survivability and enhance the mission performance of your fleet or navy projects.